Why do you need to manufacture with O'formula?

1. We are a vertically integrated manufacturer specializing in cashmere and cashmere blend products, we have our own yarnmill, fiber mill, and knitting factories, thus we have the ability to not only produce your order faster, but less expensive.

2. We locate in China, where produces the best and most cashmere, silk and bamboo, we can also save on making final products for you in this respect.

3. Chinese labor is both cheaper and famous for their skills on producing fine quality products, we'll be able to work our products with better quality with competitive prices.

4. O'formula has a very professional team who dedicated themselves on offering the world class products and services to our clients, we believe in partnership, long term relationship, win win philosophy and business integrity, we want to be THE manufacturer and supplier of cashmere and blend products, who can be fully relied by people they have never met!

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