FAQs for Buyers

1. Why Chinese made cashmere products are cheaper?

a. Raw material locally available, they dont have to import cashmere fibers from other countries

b. Its labor intensive to manufacture cashmere products, and China is the most labor rich country in the world, thus labor costs are substantially lower compare with other countries like Italy and Scotland.

c. No brand name, no value added. There is no world recognizable brand name in Chinese cashmerebusinesses; they run their facilities as OEMs.

d. Fierce competition among themselves drives prices down.

2. Are Chinese made cashmere products as good as Scottish or Italian made ones?

Yes and no. Some companies have put strict quality control system and procedures in place, while others may run their businesses casually; top management is the key in any business as in cashmere.
Some Chinese companies can produce the best quality of cashmere products in the world if the price is right offered by buyers.

3. Why prices vary much from different Chinese cashmere suppliers?
Possible reasons are:

a. different materials used

b. operational efficiency of different companies

c. different profit margins

4. How much is the right price to pay for cashmere products?

You get what you pay for like in any other line of business, generally speaking, a USD40 piece cashmere sweater is much better than a USD30 piece in terms of fibers and yarns used, workmanship and all other quality parameters. Usually manufacturers get orders of different prices, then do their calculations and arrange manufacturing to achieve that specific quality standard to match that price, therefore, its quite hard to say what is the right price, any price can potentially be the right or wrong one.

5. How to tell the quality of cashmere products?

Feel softness; check workmanship; check consistency; and always rely on a reputable independent inspection organization to do the informed inspection for you.

6. Whats the difference between cashmere and pashmina?

The best cashmere is called pashmina, such as fibers greater than 36mm long, fineness under 15.2 um; for yarns, worsted cashmere yarns such as 60Nm or over which is usually used to make shawls are called pashmina.

7. Why its very important to have a reputable supplier in cashmere business?

There are too many variables in cashmere line of business, unlike some other highly standardized industry, you pay the same price but you can get really different products from different suppliers. Raw materials used in manufacturing your products is the single biggest variable buyers need to worry about, its very hard and time consuming if you try to control every activity manufacturer sconduct. What you can control is to find a reliable supplier, and leave the rest to him or her. To get what you pay for depends highly on the honesty and trustworthiness of your supplier, how they handle their business will make a substantial difference for you. Quality of products, prompt delivery, efficiency
and other issues are factors that drag you down later if you unfortunately choose the wrong supplier. Another factor why reputable supplier is vital for your success is, cashmeres just too expensive, you do not afford to have a casual supplier or change suppliers frequently.

8. How to choose a good supplier?

1) Solicit more, with the advent of internet age, manufacturers becomes much more accessible, in order to choose an ideal supplier, you got to have as many contacts as possible.

2) Screen them by inquiries, on going communication, trial orders and other measures to observe their honesty, efficiency, consistency and knowlegability.

3) Cross check the ones you are interested in, include ask for references of their other customers, hear what they say about this supplier

4) Decide, and on going observations

5) Stick with the best one, but keep one or two good suppliers at bay for shift in case

9. I find its hard to resist cheaper offers from new suppliers, what should I do?

Price is the foremost factor affects many buyers to make a decision, which is very understandable, but believe me, cheap price can buy you a lot of trouble, especially in cashmere business, quality is more important for your businesss hard earned reputation. A reasonable suggestion will be, choose the cheapest offer only if the quality is the same, do not forget this precondition.Unfortunately,
cheaper prices represent worse quality in many cases, do not fall in the cheap price trap. Its rare you get quality products with cheap prices.

10. What do you care in manufacturing cashmere products?

a. materials quality
b. workmanship
c. perfection in details
d. satisfaction of customers' requirements
e. no pollution in any stage, neither to human beings nor environments
f. strict storage conditions suitable for cashmere products
g. total quality control from purchasing fibers, spin yarns, knitting and weaving, storage to overall services
h. consistency

11. Why does everybody set a minimum order per color?

Usually we dye cashmere fibers before spinning yarns, and the spinning machine takes a minimum amount of fibers to spin yarns out economically, which is normally 100 KGS (220lbs), thats where minimum order per color comes from. In some other cases, we also do piece dye such as in accessories, the minimum order then drops.

12. Whats the so-called quota?

Quota is a certificate of permit to export cashmere products (and other textiles and apparels) to countries like USA, EU, Canada and Turkey, these countries assign different numbers of quotas to different countries to export certain products to them, include cashmere.

13. Quota is removed for cashmere products, right?

Quota is cancelled for cashmere products to US from China, so both you as buyers and us as manufacturer do not need to worry about the long time hassle any more.But, the quota system for cashmere products to EU from China still here with us, which will be eliminated from Dec 31, 2007, that means two more years to go. Quotas are much more available though now than before.

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