Company Profile

We specialize in manufacturing and exporting 100% cashmere and cashmere blend products include knitwear, shawls, stoles, scarves, throws and blankets, clothing accessories, yarns and fabrics.

1. Products:

We manufacture the following products:
Sweaters; home furnishings; neckwear; accessories; and yarns.
Major market: US, EU countries, Japan, Australia, Canada, South Korea.
Target market: middle to up market in those above mentioned countries and regions.
Material-wise, we make:
100%cashmere, cashmere/silk, cashmere/wool, cashmere/cotton, cashmere/bamboo, cashmere/silk/cotton, etc.
Colors we use: in house and Pantone, or your colors

2. Quality control:

Process control: we go through different phases in realizing customers' orders, starting from purchasing fibers, transportation and storage, spinning yarns, knitting or weaving, washing and sewing, ironing, to the final loading, we have nominated person(s) in each process/post responsible for the quality realization.
On going training: we do regular training to all employees include workers on quality controlling.

TQM: we treat quality issues as an issue for every process, every procedure, every person, and we set mechanism to achieve best possible quality result.

3. Team:

1)General Manager: Garry Song, male, MBA, who got his bachelor degree in China and Master degree in Australia, garry used to work in Australia for 6 years, he also have 5 years of working experience in China. Garry is very strong in organizing a team and leading the team.

2)Chief Marketing and sales Manager, Jane Zhao, female, MBA, who got her first degree in China and second degree in Australia, she has 2 years working experience in Australia and 7 years working in China. Jane is very strong in marketing and sales include customer service.

3)Chief Technology Officer, Zhang jiaqi, male, Bachelor degree in textiles, he has more than 15 years working experience in the technical side of different factories in the cashmere and wool industry, to the Chief Technology officer. Mr Zhang is a well respected technician in the cashmere circle.

4 . Key beliefs and values

1) Customer first
2) Honesty
3) Reliability
4) Prompt delivery of orders
5) Trustworthiness
6) Win win for all
7) Long term partnerships

We not only stress on products quality, but also service quality, we promise all our customers to certain schedules for fulfiling their orders, and we do deliver the service to honor the promise. We keep tracking customers for after sales service.

5 . Annual production capacity and Minimum orders

1) knitting:

Handknits: 100,000 pieces
7gg: 120,000 pieces
9gg: 120,000 pieces
12gg: 200,000 pieces
14gg: 100,000 pieces
16gg: 100,000 pieces

Minimum orders: 250 pieces per color for 12gg

2) shawls, stoles, mufflers

Capacity: 300,000 pieces for shawls, stoles, scarves and mufflers annually.
Minimum order: 50 pieces per color for shawls and stoles, 200 pieces per color for mufflers.

3) Home furnishing products:

Annual capacity is 120,000 pieces of blankets and throws, pillows; 60,000 pcs of robes, 200,000 pcs of slippers.
Minimum order 60 pieces per color for blankets and throws, 200 pieces per color for pillows, 100 pcs per color for robes, and 300 pcs per color for slippers.

4) Yarns

Annual capacity is 120 Metric Tons.
Minimum order: 50 Kgs per color.

5) Fabrics

Annual capacity is 300,000 meters.
Minimum order: 200 meters per solid color, 300 meters per mlange order.

6) Fibers

Annual capacity is 150 Metric Tons.
Minimum order is 100 Kgs.

6. Payment terms:

Irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight, T/T in advance, or the combination of the above two modes.

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